Your health and safety is our priority and we have a detailed plan in line with the approved Guidelines from the Nova Scotia Board of Examiners in Psychology (NSBEP) and Nova Scotia Public Health's Chief Medical Office. This can be found on our website under the "Book Appointment" tab. 
We provide psychological assessment and therapy services. 

          - Depression and anxiety
          - Eating disorders  and body image concerns
          - PTSD 
          - OCD
          - Disordered eating in men
          - Binge eating disorder (BED)
          - Social anxiety and GAD 
          - Panic disorder
          - Relationship stressors
          - College student mental health
*Psychoeducational Assessments 
*Telepsychology appointments (Zoom, phone)
*Adults, children, & adolescents
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Group room. Evidence-based treatment of eating disorders, depression, anxiety, panic, OCD and PTSD. Psychoeducational assessment services available.

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